Saturday, July 24, 2010

I love the smell of chicken in the morning…and any other time.

Hello, it’s me, Angel Zoom Smokey again! Please, calm your applause some! I know I am super awesome, but my awesomeness is not the subject of this blog post. The subject of today’s blog is chicken.

I LOVE chicken. Now, I know there may be some weirdos out there who think I mean I love chickens as pets. If that is what you are thinking, then I am afraid to inform you that you have a sick and twisted world perspective. Sure, some humans have chickens as pets, but I am not a human (something I am very proud of), I am a dog. I love chicken to eat. I’ll pretty much each chicken in any form. I enjoy the common typical “grilled chicken” which hails from the New Grilland. I like “fried chicken” which are native to Kentucky and are more warlike. I believe many fried chickens even joined Colonel Sanders’ military unit. I also don’t mind “pot pie chicken”. I believe these chickens are from Amsterdam and walk around clucking like Cheech and Chong all day. I also enjoy a nice piece of “barbecue chicken” at times. Barbecue chickens can mainly be found down at the pool hall and bar called “Be Cue” discussing how great life seemed when they were eggs. These chickens live a sad and depressing life, so it’s a good thing they taste so yummy!

Well, I better get mushing, I smell chicken cooking! Take care everyone and have a good day!

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